Meeting Rooms

Meeting RoomApproved by the Meredith Public Library Board of Trustees October 12, 2021.
Meredith Public Library Study Rooms and Media Room Procedure

Which meeting rooms are available for reservation?

1. Function Room. Seats 102 theater style. 58 at tables. Maximum Capacity 170. This
room is available when the library is closed and has access to a kitchen (no oven or
stovetop) and two bathrooms. There are two screens for presentations and a lectern. It is
Zoom Meeting capable. Microphones and other equipment are available by request.

2. Maker Space. Seats 25. Space for arts, crafts, classes and demonstrations. The Maker
Space may only be booked for use during library hours and all events must end thirty
minutes prior to the library closing.


How do I reserve the Function Room/Maker Space?

Call the library at 603-279-4303 if you have any questions. Or
email Reservations are not guaranteed until a completed
Meredith Public Library Function Room/Maker Space use permit is submitted and approved.
Approval of requests are dependent upon meeting all of the criteria in this policy and room

Meeting Room Policy
Meeting Room Permit


Meredith Public Library Study Rooms and Media Room Procedure

What Rooms are available?

  • Old Oak Study Room seats up to three people.
  • Island Study Room seats up to four people.
  • Mills Study Room seats up to four people.
  • Lakes Study Room seats up to four people.
  • Historic Study Room seats up to sixteen people.


How do I reserve a room?

  • Study Rooms and the Media Room must be reserved before use. Walk-in reservations are accepted. Reservations may be made up to one month in advance.
  • Rooms may be reserved in person, by email or via telephone. Call 603-279-4303 or email
  • Reservations may be made for up to two hours per day. If no one else has reserved the room, the user may keep using it.


Meredith Public Library Study Rooms and Media Room Policy

The Meredith Public Library provides access to its study rooms and media room for the public in keeping with its mission to be the cultural heart of Meredith; a gathering place where community members can acquire and share knowledge. Meredith Public Library, Meredith Library Fund and Friends of the Meredith Library events take precedent over all other events.

Use of library rooms is free of charge. If the room is not restored to its original order and requires extra custodial cleaning, or has been damaged in any way, The Meredith Public Library and the Town of Meredith reserve the right to bill the person who reserved the room for any unforeseen expenses or damages to our property at the sole discretion of the Library.

Individuals using rooms must comply with all library policies and shall immediately cease actions deemed in violation of these policies upon request at the sole discretion of the Library staff. Access to rooms may be denied to individuals who violate library policies. The Study Rooms are intended for the purposes of quiet study and discussion.

The Media Room is intended for small groups that need to use technology such as Zoom or a display screen. Sound and video recordings may also be made in the Media Room. See a staff member to check out any necessary equipment. A person must be at least 14 years of age to reserve a Study Room and or the Media Room. Approved by the Meredith Public Library Board of Trustees October 12, 2021. Rooms are available during library hours of operation.

Room reservations take precedent. If the patron does not arrive within ten minutes after their scheduled time, the time will be made available for other patrons. Individuals or groups must be out of the rooms fifteen minutes prior to library closing time.

A patron will be asked to leave a room when their time expires if another patron has reserved the room. Patrons who leave the room unattended for more than 15 minutes will forfeit their reservation and if the room is vacated prior to the reservation’s end time, the time will be made available for other users.

Patrons who need to leave the library during their reserved time can reschedule a reservation. In order to provide as much access to the rooms as possible, use of rooms as a place to conduct regular business or as a place to hold office hours is prohibited. Furniture may not be brought into or removed from a room without approval from library staff.

Food is not permitted in the rooms. Drinks are permitted except in the Media Room. Storage space for groups is not available. The library shall not be responsible or liable for lost, stolen, or damaged private materials or equipment left in rooms. Use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco products are not permitted on Library property.